Independence Gives First March Donation Event

Have you ever heard of Milestones?
We would like to share with you what this great organization does and how you can help this month. Milestones is a therapeutic horsemanship program that presents opportunities for individuals with challenges to enhance their quality of life. Individuals with disabilities benefit physically and emotionally from therapeutic riding activities. Horseback activities encourage stretching and strengthening of underused or underdeveloped muscles, improve posture and coordination, help develop gross and fine motor skills, increase the riders’ awareness of their body in space, and improve their range of motion.

Needed Items:
• Volunteers! (for lessons, caretaking and projects around the farm)
• Trash bags (tall kitchen, 55 gallon)
• Bottled water for volunteers
• Paint brushes, rollers and paint pans
• Paper towels and shop rags
• Office supplies (copy paper, dry erase markers, dry erase board erasers and cleaner fluid, double-sided tape, #10 envelopes, manila envelopes)
• Box fans
• Himalayan Mineral Blocks
• Muck rakes
• Hand tools for landscaping
• Kroger gift cards (for purchase of diesel fuel for tractors and Kubota)

Donations can be dropped off all month long at the city building, 24/7. There is a marked barrel right when you walk in!
For detailed info about becoming a Milestones volunteer visit or our Facebook page:

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